Not only when seen from a geographic perspective is Germany right in the center of Europe. Germany is one of the driving forces behind the continuing integration of the European Union on a political level while contributing to its growth with the continent’s strongest economy. From a traveler’s point of view, Germany offers plenty of sights, vibrant cities and many cultural and historical points of interest.

Germany is a popular travel destination both for European and for overseas visitors. It ranks among the top ten countries of the world in terms of tourism numbers. The country’s large cities in particular attract thousands of travelers, with the capital Berlin leading the list. Ever since German reunification, the city with the storied history has significantly grown in importance and attractiveness.

While Berlin as Germany’s largest and most important metropolis has ascended to ranking third on the list of most-visited cities in Europe, other German towns are famous vacation spots as well. These include Munich in the southern, Cologne in the western , Hamburg in the northern and Dresden in the eastern part of the country, as well as numerous others.

Germans like to spend their vacations in their own country, often spending weeks at the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts and islands or enjoying a wide range of outdoor opportunities in the southern half of the country. In contrast, visitors from abroad often travel to several places during their stays. Popular routes include the towns and villages along the river Rhine, cultural heritage sites along the Romantic Route or the German Fairy Tale Route or itineraries leading to some of the country’s famous castles and palaces.

In addition, Germany boasts many annual events that attract visitors from all over the world. The Oktoberfest in Munich and Carnival festivities in Cologne and Dusseldorf are prime examples. Germany also has a growing health tourism industry with many places catering to wellness and spa travelers.

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83,000,000357,386 kmĀ²Euroyesyes

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