For a growing number of travelers, culinary experiences are a major element of traveling. In fact, Europe is heaven for foodies. There is no dish that would even remotely qualify as being representative for the entire continent. That is due to the fact that in many countries there aren’t even national dishes, but instead every region and sometimes even individual towns have their own trademark food. Traveling in a radius of 250 kilometers in Europe can yield a wide range of food specialties locals claim to be their region’s characeristic dish.

For travelers, this offers the unique opportunity of experiencing Europe’s regions by way of the palate. Some of the more famous culinary creations have made their way outside of their home, some even gained some international popularity – think Italian pasta, British fish and chips or German bratwurst – but the authentic taste in the home regions usually varies significantly from these international adaptations.

The following is a list of articles covering culinary experiences in Europe:

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