Flying a camera drone over beaches in Southern Europe during the high season could make you believe that all of Europe travels to just a handful of countries for a few weeks in the summer. In fact, that notion isn’t too far off. Spain, particularly its Balearic and Canary islands, is a major summer vacation destination that’s popular in many European countries and even beyond the continent. In addition, beaches in Portugal, France, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece attract large tourist numbers, making the entire Southern brim of the continent the preferred summer home for millions of Europeans.

But European beach fun isn’t limited to the Southern half of the continent. Although water temperatures may not always be conducive to bathing, the beaches at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea also present themselves very inviting and attract many visitors. At the end of the day, there is hardly a European country that does not offer any beach opportunities, as even landlocked ones feeature large lakes with clean water and beaches.

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